Mango Kensington Pride (Each)

Mango Kensington Pride (Each)

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The golden goose and well deserved most popular variety of Mangoes available in Australia. While these bad boys are in season, there is no need to buy any other variety of mango. they are busting with an overload of fresh, citric aromas and deep, full-bodied sweetness. This beauty loves the humid tropical climates of North Queensland and Darwin. It bronzes beautifully to a nice deep blushing orange. Don't waste any time, sink those teeth in.  

Health Benefits - High in antioxidants, vitamin C and can boost immunity.

Flavour - A rich vibrant juicy flesh full of sweetness with a slight tang. 

Availability - Available from August - January.

Storage - Store at room temperature to bring them up to peak ripeness. Consume once ripe. Do not store in the fridge when ripe as they will lose their amazing flavour. 

Product of Australia