Potato Sweet Large 1kg Bag

Potato Sweet Large 1kg Bag

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Also known as Kumera, Sweet Potatoes are a low starch, versatile vegetable that is packed full of nutrients and flavour. It can be available in gold, white, purple and red. The red and gold varieties have a golden/orange flesh while the white and purple varieties have a white flesh. Sweet potatoes can be diced, sliced, pureed, mashed, peeled or juiced to create a range of different flavoursome foods such as french fries, wedges, soups, chips, crackers and mashed potatoes. 

Health Benefits - An excellent source of beta-carotene.

Flavour - A mild starchy sweet flavour. Similar to a butternut pumpkin. 

Availability - Available all year round. 

Storage - Store sweet potatoes at room temperature in a dark place away from light. It is recommended to cover them to prevent them from turning green. Do not store them in the fridge as moisture will cause the potato to rot quickly. 

Product of Australia