Apple Red Delicious Large (Each)

Apple Red Delicious Large (Each)

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Approximately 180g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

One of the most well-known and grown apples around the world due to its dark red skin and bright white flesh. This apple is vastly becoming outdated and obsolete due to other superior apples being bred and grown. 

Health Benefits - They’re a good source of vitamin C and contain dietary fibre. Apple skin provides an anti-oxidant called quercetin.

Flavour - A sweet crisp flesh with a very mild flavour. The skin can be tough and the flesh can be floury. It does not have much flavour at all. There are much better apples available. 

Availability - Available May - September. 

Storage - Store apples in a dry cool area away from direct sunlight. To make them last longer, place them in the dry crisp area of the refrigerator.

Product of Australia.