Bananas Large (Each)

Bananas Large (Each)

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Approximately 180g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

The worlds most popular fruit, and for good reason. Cavendish bananas are the perfect balance of creamy and sweetness. A natural energy booster, they are perfect for lunchboxes, fruit bowls, desserts and snacks. 

Health Benefits - Packed full of Potassium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C. They are the perfect pre-workout snack. 

Flavour - Creamy with a moderate sweet aroma that is best consumed when the banana is bright yellow with black spots. 

Availability - Available all year round.

Storage - Store bananas at room temperature away from sunlight to bring them up to peak ripeness. Do not store bananas in the fridge as they will go black. 

Product of Australia.