Regional 'Roxanne' Sparkling Grenache Rose

Regional 'Roxanne' Sparkling Grenache Rose

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From Lark Hill:

Made from Grenache rosé, it's a "Pet-Nat" (that's hipster for Petillant Naturel or Natural Sparkling), which means that right at the last possible minute we transferred the fermenting wine to bottle, capturing the fizz produced by the yeast.

No Sulphur, no chemical additions, just sunlight, grapes and happy yeast.

The result is bright pink, dry, crisp, refreshing sparkling wine. Being a Pet Nat it still has the lees (solids) in the bottle, so you can gently stir them in to serve it cloudy, or stand it upright in the fridge overnight to let it settle clear.

You don't have to put on that red light....

750ml | 11.5% | 6.8 STD drinks