Broccoli (Each)

Broccoli (Each)

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Approximately 340g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

One of the most versatile vegetables around, Broccoli is regarding as the King of all vegetables due to its superfood superiority and representing what is good in life. Originating from Italy back in the 1500's, it is now grown all over Australia. A wonderful way to brighten up any meal. 

Health Benefits - Stacked full of Vitamin K, C and Calcium as well as other nutrients. It is low in sodium and fats. 

Flavour - Crisp and tender when raw or cooked. It is best steamed to bring out its peak flavour. 

Availability - Available all year round with the peak season in Winter. 

Storage - Keep broccoli wrapped in a paper towel and store it in the dry crisp area of the refrigerator. 

Product of Australia.