Aussie Vege Box Medium $60

Aussie Vege Box Medium $60

Regular price $60.00 Sale

Avocado Hass Each 2
Broccoli Each 4
Broccolini Bunch 1
Capsicum Green Each 2
Capsicum Red Each 2
Carrots 1kg Pre Pack 1
Cucumber Lebanese Each 3
Cucumber Telegraph Each 1
Eggplant Medium Each 1
Garlic Glove Each 1
Lettuce Iceberg Each 1
Mushrooms 200g Punnet 1
Onion Brown 1kg Pre Pack 1
Onion Red Each 1
Parsley Curly Each 1
Potato Sweet Large Each 1
Potato Washed 1kg Bags 2
Pumpkin Grey 1kg Cut


Salad Mix 150g Pack 1
Silverbeet Bunch 1
Tomato Medium Each 5
Zucchini Medium Each 3
Please note: we are unable to swap out items in our fruit and veg boxes.