Apple Bravo Small (Each)
Apple Bravo Small (Each)

Apple Bravo Small (Each)

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Approximately 110g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

An apple that is like no other in today's market.

The intrinsic white flesh and sweet juicy taste of the apple is covered by its glamorous burgundy skin. This apple lives up to its reputation as an everyday luxury that you can enjoy. 

An apple that has been in development for the past 20 years to deliver in both taste and aesthetics. From its eye catching appeal to its sweet and crunchiness, it is an apple that demands respect and attention. 

Available from May - September.

For optimum keeping, it is recommended that you store apples in a dry cool area which is away from direct sunlight. Alternatively, they can be stored in the dry and crisp area of the refrigerator. 

Product of Australia.