Apple Jazz Large (Each)

Apple Jazz Large (Each)

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Approximately 180g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

A captivating taste sensation. Jazz up your day with a Jazz Apple! An apple that says you have good taste. Grown in sun-drenched orchards, the apple is a cross between a Royal Gala and Braeburn Apple. The result is a sweet and juicy apple that is quickly becoming one of Australia's most popular. 

Health Benefits - an excellent source phytochemicals or antioxidants, this apple is surprisingly full of nutrients. 

Flavour -  A crisp hard apple with an excellent strong sweet-sharp flavour and aftertaste. 

Availability - Available from May to October. 

Storage - Store apples in a dry cool area away from direct sunlight. To make them last longer, place them in the dry crisp area of the refrigerator.

Product of Australia.