Broccolini (Each)

Broccolini (Each)

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Approximately 180g - 220g in each weight (Weight is an estimation)

Sweet, Tender and Entirely Edible Broccolini brought to us by Perfection Australia. A mix between Broccoli and Chinese Kale, it is entirely edible. Nothing to cut and nothing to waste.

Health Benefits - Not only is it delicious, it is packed with nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene. 

Flavour - It has a mild, sweet tender flavour with a peppery edge to it. 

Availability - Available all year round with peak season in winter. 

Storage - It is best to place broccolini in a breathable plastic bag and store it in the dry crisp area of the refrigerator. Broccolini needs a good balance of humidity and oxygen to keep fresh. 

Product of Australia.