Mango Calypso (Each)

Mango Calypso (Each)

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A new creation, the daughter of a Kensington Pride and Sensation Mango brings us the ever growing in popularity Calypso Mango. More flesh, less seed is the statement that this mango brings along with its pure, juicy sweetness, soft fibre-free flesh and blushing orange - red cheeks. 

Health Benefits - Containing over 20 different vitamins and minerals makes them a superfood. 

Flavour - Smaller seeds means more mango, they are bursting full of sweetness with a slight tang. They are perfect additions to salads or desserts. 

Availability - Available from October - February.

Storage - Store Calypso Mangos at room temperature to bring them up to peak ripeness. Do not store them in the fridge. Their firm flesh will make the mangos last longer then usual at room temperature.