Nectarines Yellow Large (Each)

Nectarines Yellow Large (Each)

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Approximately 150g Each (Weight is an Estimation)

Fun Fact - Did you know that nectarines are just another variety of a peach? Known as Nectar of the Gods, they originated in China around 4000 years ago.

Health Benefits - Support iron absorbtion, aid in weight loss and enhance skin health.

Flavour - Yellow Nectarines are the tartier version of the two. They will reveal superior eating qualities when they begin to soft a little. That is when they are at peak ripeness and are full of juice. Speckles at the top of the fruit is a good indication of peak ripeness as well as softness. 

Available - October to April.

Storage - Store nectarines at room temperature away from sunlight to bring them up to peak ripeness.

Product of Australia