Peaches White 1kg Bags
Peaches White 1kg Bags

Peaches White 1kg Bags

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Originating in China over 2000 years ago, they were regarded as the tree of life. Brought to Europe by Alexander the Great who found them growing in Iran, they are now grown all over Australia since the 19th Century. Peaches can bruise easily so it is best to handle them with care. 

Health Benefits - Aid in digestion and improve skin health. 

Flavour - Classic peach flavour, yellow peaches are the more tartier version of the two. The yellow flesh is more acidic that mellows as the peach begins to soften and ripen. White peaches are lower in acid and the sweeter variety of the two whether they are soft of firm. They both produce a lot more juice when soft and ripe. 

Availability - October to April.

Storage - Store peaches at room temperature away from sunlight to bring them up to peak ripeness. 

Product of Australia.