Quince (Each)

Quince (Each)

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Approximately 400g - 500g each (Weight is an Estimation)

Quinces are best stored at room temperature, especially if they are not quite ripe yet. You can eat them raw, but they taste much better when they are ripe and at room temperature. The tartness relaxes when its cooked and the aroma comes out. Cook it like you would cook apples or pears. 

Health Benefits - Rich in Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and Copper. 

Flavour - When raw, it is very sour with an astringent flavour and a tough grainy textured flesh and leathery skin. Once cooked, the aroma intensifies and the quince's texture softens. 

Availability - Available May - June

Storage - Store quinces in the refrigerator. 

Product of Australia